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Putting diesel in a 2005 Chevrolet Classic

Can you put deisle oil in a 2005 Chevy classic Malibu with 267.000 moles

Hello Micheleh, Can you expand on this topic a bit? Why would you want to do that? What is the goal?

Are you trying to kill the ’ moles ’ ?

My car has 268 000 miles on it. Been sitting 2 years without running now want to put on the road and the person that is helping me do think that going again recommends I do that he says it wouldn’t hurt but I’m not sure about that

Setting 2 years : That means the fuel in the tank is bad and needs replaced - the tires have dry rot and are not safe - the battery is not any good - the engine coolant most likely needs replaced - you need fresh engine oil and filter ( not diesel oil ) - if you have not kept the registration up there will be penalties’ - don’t forget the insurance

Is this thing worth all that ?

Your friend is confused. He thinks the car has flat tappets and needs diesel oil with zinc and sulfur in it to protect the engine. It doesn’t have flat tappets and it doesn’t need diesel oil. With 268K on the clock, I think this calls for 5w30 oil but I’d suggest a full grade heavier 10W40, but not Rotella or Delo or any diesel oils.

Thank you for your input I feel the same way I was scared to death to put diesel oil in my classic Malibu

I hope you are not under the impression that this 2005 is a Classic ( as in collector type ) .

No I’m not talking about a classic it’s just my car is a 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic different parts from a regular 2005 Malibu

Yes, the OLD Malibu. The car was named the Classic because a new Malibu was offered for sale in 2004 so for 2 years the old one was sold as the Classic. Most sales went to rental fleets.

I hope you realize the engine in this car is pretty much at the end of its life. Transmission, too.

Why was it parked for so long in the first place? What was/is wrong with it?

I was in a car accident and the insurance went up high and I had another car that was cheaper to drive so I parked it and now my Oldsmobile Alero has a cylinder one misfire and sounds horrible I was told it has has a bent valve so I’m getting rid of it and putting my Chevy back on the road

At least do a compression check on the Olds to make sure it isn’t a relatively easy fix in the ignition system. If the compression is very low then you are probably right to move it along. If the compression is good, then you should look at fixing it.

Remember that an injector may still be flooding that cylinder was gas, washing it down. The damage may already be done.