2003 Chevrolet Malibu sat for 5 years

how to start a cAR that has been sitting for 5 years its a 03 chevy malibu

The first problem you’re going to encounter is the bad gas in the gas tank.

Remove the gas cap and take a whiff at the filler neck.

If the smell almost knocks you to the floor, you’re going to need to rebuild the fuel system.


Agreed with Tester and especially so if the gasoline in it is Ethanol.

I agree with @Tester. You’ll know it’s got bad gasoline when you sniff it. It’s a stink not easily forgotten.

Besides the gasoline problem above, you’ll have to buy a new battery probably. Test the existing one to see if it will still hold a charge of course. Use a battery charger on the 2 amp charge rate at least overnight, preferably 24 hours. Top off the battery fluid w/distilled h20 first, if applicable.

Once you get ready to actually try to start it, suggest first to remove the spark plugs and put a tablespoon of engine oil into each hole, replace the plugs, disable the ignition system and crank it two or three times, 5-10 seconds each time. Wait a minute or so in between each crank.