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Chevy Malibu Starting Problem

My son has a 1995 Chevy Malibu that has a starting problem. It’s not the battery or alternator. Someone said it could be the link between the starter and the ignition (don’t know the name of it!). Any other suggestions? I don’t want to start replacing items if I don’t need to. thanks.

I think the link between the ignition and starter is the starter relay. Check the relay chart in the owners manual for the location. You could swap it out for a known working one inder the hood and see if that works nefore buying a replacement.

What are the symptoms? It could be as easy as corroded battery terminals or a bad ground.

Does it click but not crank? Or is there not even a click, you turn the key and you hear nothing at all? Or does it crank ok, just not start?

“has a starting problem” is WAY too vague for anyone to even get started on it. What kind of starting problem? Some idea of how the starter and battery were eliminated as problems would also help. Of course, those things are only even in the mix if the “starting problem” involves turning the key and not getting a cranking response out of the engine.