2004 Malibu Maxx Starting Problems

I have an '04 Chevy Malibu Maxx - 3.5L V6

About 1-2x per month, the engine will have issues starting. All other times, the engine starts fine, no issues. Lately though, when we do have the starting issue, it takes more tries to get the car started…

Symptoms: When trying to start, we hear the click of the solenoid and the starter turns and then it just keeps cycling/spinning/clicking, etc. After 15-30 sec. of this, it will usually finally start. Or sometimes, we will have to stop, wait a few minutes, then try again for another 30 sec. attempt.

As I mentioned, about 90% of the time the car starts fine.

The latest time though, I couldn’t start it, had it towed to the dealership and it started right up…of course.

I’m suspecting it is something electrical since we have no fuel starvation issues while idling or driving…

Had the battery tested and it is strong and spark plugs/wires were recently changed.

Any ideas? Ignition Switch?

The voltage at the starter / solenoid is falling too low during cranking. This could be from wire, or battery cable, connections. If the battery is several years old it may not have the CAPACITY to keep the starter motor going. If aged, replace it.
Disconnect the battery cables and clean them with a wire brush. You can’t SEE if a connection is good.
Take your car to an auto parts store for a free, curbside, battery and alternator test.

I’m currently having the same issue with my car. I’ve had the battery replaced, the dealership found a spliced wire in the control panel and replaced that. We’ve also replaced the fuel pump. Today, the gas pedal stopped working WHILE WE WERE DRIVING! Of course, after pulling over and waiting a couple minutes, it started back up and was fine. Have you found a solution to your problem yet or are you still experiencing the intermittent start up issues?