Chevy Malibu No Start

I’m working on a 2001 Chevy Malibu. It has no fuel getting to the rails. Ive replaced the fuel pump, the relays, fuses, and the ECU. It is still not sending power to the pump or registering the fuel level. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Turn the ignition to on.

Do you hear the fuel pump run for a second or two and then shut off?


No its not sending it a signal and there is no fuel pressure. If I spray gas in the intake it’ll start for a few seconds.

There may be a fuel shutoff switch to prevent fires in accidents somewhere.

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Check this out

Turn the key to the ON position but not to START. Leave the key on until the SECURITY SYSTEM light goes out, takes about 10 minutes. Then turn the key to OFF for 5 minutes. Now try starting the car. Does it start now?

Doesnt work