Chevy Lumina Air conditioner

I have a 1990 Chevy Lumina 6 cylinder. Problem no cool air. I get heat even when everything is off. I get heat when I turn on outside vent or air or heat. I relaced the Heater-AC Controls with no results. This car is put up in garage for 5 months while I am in Fl. Last winter hot water pipes burst with water coming down on the car. ? if this contributed to the problem Any advice would be appreciated.

I doubt if the water leak is at fault. Many cars use vacuum to control the ventilation. My guess is that a vacuum hose is leaking or disconnected etc. I would have this checked sooner than later. Most car’s brakes are vacuum assisted and while I believe it is not likely, it could cause a safety problem if it is the vacuum system. If there is any chance that mice or other rodents (I get chipmunks) could have gotten to the car while in storage, that could explain the whole thing. They may have nesting materials clogging things or may have chewed through the vacuum lines.

A good place to take your car, would be a local independent A/C shop.