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Chevy impala wont go into gear shows mph and is leaking trans fluid from pas. Side cv please help

So i recently replaced the motor to my 2005 chevy impala ls police interceptor. Engine runs great fixed all the minor issues with that. My problem now is the transmission!! So i forgot to put on one of the trans grounds and started the car car would shift gears on the dash and at the linkage but wouldnt move, stuck in neutral. Since ive attached the gound still no change the car shifts at the linkage and on dash also shows mph/rpm but wont move. Ive replaced the pas. Side output shaft seal due to a leak and still have a major leak car grinds into park and both cvs appear to be into position. Please help i need to get this fixed asap.

I’m wondering if the side gear in the differential part of the transaxle got knocked out?

If that happens, the seal for the half shaft will leak like crazy, and the car won’t move because of the open differential can’t apply torque to an axle.

Think of an open differential when one tire is on ice. The tire on ice will spin, but the tire on dry pavement doesn’t do anything.

Remove that half shaft, and see if you can see splines for the side gear with a flashlight.


When i put in the new seal i did see the inner splines for the gear so im assuming its in place

That’s all fine.

But did the side gear get pushed out of place when the axle was installed?


It appeared to be in place yes ill have to double check it but im pretty sure it was in place