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2006 Impala won't move in Drive or Reverse


When I was attempting to back my car out of a parking spot a few days ago the car moved maybe an inch in Reverse. It moved fine in Drive but Reverse just kept moving a few inches.

Managed to get the car home and put it in Park. Next day, car would not move in Reverse at all, and when I shifted to Drive it also would not move.

I had the transmission fluid changed a month ago, and literally the next day after having an oil leak repaired this problem happened.

I also checked the transmission fluid and aside from it being a half quart low it looks okay. I’ve since added fluid obviously.

When I shift gears I cannot feel it engage except when into Neutral and Park. In Drive or Reverse the rpm’s revs but no movement.

After doing some research online I of course checked the shifter cable and all those components but they look fine. Also if you keep shifting into gear, the car eventually will move but only say once out of twenty shifts.

And now when I first start the car, there is a strange noise coming from the drivers side that goes away after idling for about five minutes.

The car also can be physically moved when in Neutral.

I am just so frustrated because the shop I use told me I probably need a transmission rebuild and after sinking over a grand into this car on various repairs I just do not have the money right now.

Any help/suggestions appreciated!

That sounds about right… There is an outside chance that when the trans fluid was changed, the new filter was not properly secured and it fell loose. That is, IF the pan was dropped and the filter changed instead of a transmission fluid “flush” Either the way, the car needs the trans pan dropped and checked as the first step.

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Yep. Happens to the best of us and no warning sometimes. I remember back years ago it was very cold out and parked in a ramp. After work I backed out of the stall and put it in drive and no go. I ended up backing out of the ramp to a place where it could be towed to the dealer. Transmission rebuild at only 180,000 miles. I got an $800 credit union loan to cover it. Of course now rebuilds are in the $2-3000 range.

I agree that you need a transmission rebuild especially when you completely lose gears like what happened to your car.