Chevy hhr engine power reduced

I bottomed out my 07 hhr ls w/manual transmission a few weeks back and bent the front left rim causing the tire to go flat. It was a stock rim and my local tire shop had a replacement. As I was driving away from the shop, the engine icon lit up. The tester the guy used at the shop registered unknown fault, so he reset it and I left. It happened again an hour later and the driver info center displayed engine power reduced and the car sputtered in first gear. Back at the tire shop we raised her and found no visible damage at all, including to the oxygen sensor. Over the past few weeks, it’s done this 3 or 4 more times, with the code clearing itself after 2 or 3 restarts. What’s going on and can I fix it myself?

I’m wondering if the computer is signaling a tranny fault. (Just not leaving a code)

So the fact that the problem began within 12 hours of bottoming out is coincidental?

I couldn’t say for certain.

Lots of vehicle problems have a habit of not showing their true colors right away.

Not being a certified tech, I can’t give you specifics on the likely cause.

Are you still experiencing a lack of power?

It’s possible something was shook loose when you bottomed out.

No loose vacuum lines?

The tester the guy used at the shop registered unknown fault

You need to go to the dealer or another mechanic with a better scanner.