Chevy Equinox Blower Motor



Help!! My husband is about to blow up my Equinox (2005). They told us at the Chevy garage that the blower motor was bad…we bought one and he installed it…didn’t work…they suggested a resistor…bought it…didn’t work…we checked fuses and relays…he refuses to take it back to Chevy because he felt they just ordered the part and didn’t properly diagnose…any ideas?


Make sure there is 12V going to the motor.

Most times when the blower motor quits or runs on high speed settings only is due to a bad resistor block.

Change the correct resistor block?

Fan switch working properly?

Blower motor grounded?


My first suspect would be the relay for the blower motor. Invest in a test light probe, which you can get at an auto parts store, so you can check where power is getting to.

It’s too bad the shop didn’t do there job and it appears they just guessed at the trouble, at your expense.


[b]One thing to check is to make sure the blower motor circuit doesn’t have a fusible link. The blower fuse may be just for the lower speeds of the blower motor. On the high speed setting, the blower relay applies direct battery voltage to the blower motor. So the blower relay supply voltage may have a fusible link. If there is a fusible link in the circuit and it’s blown, the blower motor won’t get supply voltage no matter what the blower speed is set on.