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Chevy Cobalt aftermarket cruise control

I have a friend who has a new Chevy Cobalt. He bought a aftermarket cruise control, and has been unable to obtain computer codes from GM. Dealers have told him that they can’t get the codes. Any one know anything about this?

cobalt with no OEM cruise,dont think so.

Is there an installation manual? Did your friend contact the manufacturer of the cruise control? That’s where to start.

Couple things here… Not sure exactly what codes your pal needs, didn’t know there were “codes” involved in hooking up an aftermarket cruise system. However, if he does need a code, he’s going to have to try some pretty convincing social engineering to get it out of the dealer. Their bread is buttered by their techs installing the GM-authorized system. Perhaps he’d have better luck going through his salesperson.

His doesn’t thanks

The problem seems to be it is drive by wire, so no linkage for feedback. Thanks

I am currently in the process of obtaining an aftermarket cruise control for a customer with an 08’ cobalt. From what I have read a GM dealer needs to program the module once it is installed. I have not done one of these yet, its just what I have read.