Chevy blazer2005

what is upper ball jointmoog,lower ball joint moog and axle and axlecoreaxle broken mean and how much should it cost?

I am having troublemaking sense of your post. Some complete sentences might help. Moog is an common aftermarket brand for steering and suspension parts.

thanks for your answer-my blazer needed repair and my mechanic charged me 650 dollars for upper ball joint moog,1 lower ball joint moog 1 axle-misc and 1 axle core broken misc myself am trying to figure out what it all means and does it look like a genuine billing or bullshit billing??will appreciate some answer.

Looks right to me. He replaced an upper and lower ball joint, both of which were Moog brand. And it looks like you had a broken axle. Is this a 4wd Blazer? I am assuming that all of this work was performed on the same corner of the car (front left or right).

The price is right but you don’t want to have those things go bad so soon. If you plow snow or go mudding, you wil always have to fix something. The price was below $950.oo so you had one lucky day.