Chevy Blazer Electrics Affected by Lightening



A bolt of lightning hit close to where my 2000 Blazer was parked. Afterwards, the headlights came on by themselves. The car will only fire up and die now. Also, the radio only emits some sort of electronic pattern now. There was a smell of some sort in the car after it happened but I can’t say for sure if it smelled like an electrical fire had ocurred.

It is a plain-Jane Blazer. No PDL/PW/alarm system, etc. Base model 2WD, V-6 stick shift. Stock radio. It does have the automatic headlight sensor on the top of the dash. Could the flash from the lightning do something to it to cause these problems? Any ideas of what to look for? Any help is appreciated.




P.S. I forgot to mention in my original post that the headlights will not turn off now. I disconnected the battery to avoid draining it. After being disconnected for a day and a half, the headlights came on when I tried reconnecting the battery.



Since you are pointing us into the direction of lightening induced failure I would see if the body control module responds to a scan tool scan as designed.Perhaps and insurance claim?

Never have I ever seen a stick shift S-Blazer, always automatics, no reason to doubt your report.


I plan to call my insurance agent in the AM. It will have to be towed to somewhere in order to get a scan done. Probably go to the Chevy dealer right up the road from me after I get the OK from my agent. The car only has 31K on it so it is well worth fixing. The stick shift models are fairly rare. It was a leftover when I bought it in 2001. BTW, it is a 2 door too.