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Chevy 97 lumina?

Omygosh, this thing is being on my nerves, ok so ever since I bought the car( like six months ago) there has always been a loud humming noise from the fuel pump ( I’m pretty sure it is the fuel pump anyways) not the normal whirring noise the fuel pump makes but a hum you can hear about ten feet away. Had no issues till just lately when the afternoons are well into a hundred degrees. That is when my car starts giving me issues. After one of these hot days on my ride home from work, I had just come off the highway and stopped at a stop light when I felt the engine bogging out, the engine stalled and I had to push it to the side of the road. Its worth mentioning that this humming noise is much louder in the heat than the cool morning then when I turned the key to hear the fuel pump(auto fuel inject) it was louder than it has ever been, and would keep stalling on the way home, I had at the most a quarter tank of gas (gas buoy is busted/stuck I think) anyone think the fuel pump is bad? Could it be the sock? I thought I read somewhere that my girl pump uses gas to cool down, and that having the tank any less than a quarter could lead to the fuel pump overheating???

Sounds like the pump is dying and if it’s the original it’s a miracle it’s made it this long.

As to the pump overheating on a quarter tank of gas that is an old wives tale. If there’s enough gas to where the engine will run without bucking then it has enough to keep the pump lubed and cooled down.

If the fuel level is low enough where the car is bucking and jerking while starving for fuel then yes that is detrimental to the fuel pump. However, it’s more harmful by causing lack of lubrication than any perceived overheating problem

Because the float in the tank is not working, you have most likely ran the tank low enough numerous times to overheat the pump.
Without knowing it you may have been almost running on fumes.

I would replace the pump and the float mechanism.


Change the fuel filter, too, when you change the pump.