Chevy 327

so I have a 327 that just kind of fell into my lap. It is 1967 with 202 valves, AKA camel humps, in the heads. I hear that it is a rare motor and that the heads are very wanted. it also has a 4 bolt main. the motor has about 300 hours on it and was resealed. it runs like a dream. I was just wondering what it might be worth?

No doubt someone knows or has a website for you to search, but you may want to sign in to this site and ask around:

NOTHING…But I’ll gladly take it off your hands…lol

If I remember correctly the 4-bolt main comes from a Vette. All others were 2-bolt. The 327 was always my favorite GM engine. It’s a GREAT engine. Had one in my Malibu SS…Finially died at 340k miles and I didn’t have the money to fix it…That’s when I bought my Chevy Vega…WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS.

Never heard the heads called “camel humps”. The 202 heads were used with the old fuel injection cars, and were therefore known as “fuelie heads”. It just means that the intake valves measure 2.02 inches in diameter.

It’s not like these things were all that rare, there were millions of small blocks made, and an awful lot of them were 327s. The heads are unusual, but may or may not be valuable. Check with a local Chevy club, they’re sure to be more knowledgable on the subject. Failing that, try a local hot rodder machine shop or automotive parts store.

I have a 400 sm blk ,4 bolt main,interested?

Hemmings Motor News should give you some idea. You will probably make fifty bucks when it’s all said and done.

he’ll do better than that if he finds the correct buyer,just not going to be on this site.wrong venue.