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Chevy 1500 - skipping/missing, dies when braking

Howdy all, I have a Chevy 1500 truck, V6 engine, with auto transmission. My problem is when I try to accelerate smoothly, the engine “skips” or “misses”. However, if I slam down the accelerator, it comes up to power just fine.

Also, it just started this, when I brake for a stop, the engine will die. I have to shift into neutral, and rev the engine to keep it running.

Any suggestions?

My suggestion: Do all basic tune up maintenance (plugs, wires, filters, etc). and then report back.

As one quick diagnostic, sit at idle - not moving at all, and stomp on the brake. results?

You may have a vacuum leak in the brake booster or somewhere else.

What year?
How many miles?
Has the maintenance been kept up to date? Including filters?
Have you any stored fault codes (assuming 1996 or later model)?
Any other symptoms?

The bottom line is that your engine is running poorly. The problem could be

  1. an ignition problem, like a bad plug, wire, coil, or a few other possibilities
  2. a vacuum leak, either in a vacuum line or the brake booster as already suggested

While an injector problem is not impossible, since it has power when you floor it I’m inclined to suggest that at least the fuel pump is good.

There’s not enough info here to speculate further. Start by having the ECU checked for stored fault codes. Post them here.