Chevrolet Malibu 2008

Hello All

Got a Question for my Chevy Malibu 2008 LS (48K miles) , on the automatic transmission when i’m speeding up it’s feel like a kick back between gears, it depend on how hard i’m pushing the throttle, some times it feels more when the throttle its moderate not soft or hard (like at 2000 or 2500 rmp), I already made check the transmission level and they said its OK and clean, it could be the clutch? i’m still on extended warranty but before i take the car to the dealer i wish to know if that could be or anything else and if this its something i can live with or better get it repaired soon

on the automatic transmission when i'm speeding up it's feel like a kick back between gears, it depend on how hard i'm pushing the throttle,

UMM…It’s suppose to.

Is the Check Engine light on?

If not the transmission is working normally.



“on the automatic transmission . . .”

“it could be the clutch?”

I’m afraid I don’t follow you

If you have a conventional automatic transmission, you don’t have a clutch

The automatic transmission has clutch packs, but you don’t have “a clutch”

If you really gas it, with an automatic, it will shift down one gear. It’s supposed to do that. It’s so if you are driving at 55 mph say on a two lane country road, and you want to pass someone, you step on the gas, it downshifts automatically, so you can accelerate faster and pass the car and get out of the oncoming-traffic lane as quickly as possible.

If this is happening during upshifting to or soon after the final high speed gear, and you have a locking transmission, it could be torque converter lock-up shutter. Depending on how noticeable it is, it may be within the range of normal and you’ll just have to live w/it.


Thank you i will leave it alone. thanks for the tips