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2014 Chevrolet Malibu bucks at low speed

got a 2914 Malibu with 47k miles and just started a mild “bucking” sensation at various low speeds. First thought was the roads because they r bad but then happened on a newly resurfaced road. does not happen until after driving 5 or so miles ,then stops and starts again. Is it the trans., fuel. electrical. power takeoff booster, timing? I am not a mechanic but need some diagnostic help please to get some work done doubtful it is covered under extended warranty.

You say it has an extended warranty. Did you buy this car from a dealer, and is it a Chevrolet extended warranty? If so, you may have success getting it fixed under warranty. We had a similar situation with out car, which we bought new. It needed a new transmission at 58,000 miles. Fortunately, it had a 60,000 mile warranty, and the trans was free.

It’s really difficult to analyze your problem from a distance. You should probably take it into a shop for an inspection. If you bought it from a dealer, let them look at it and tell you what is wrong.