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Chevrolet Equinox fuel door won’t open

The fuel filler door wont spring open. I have had this vehicle for almost 2years and have never had this happen before today

So, for 2 years it wasn’t broken, and now it is?

That is consistent with what the OP wrote.

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You need to have an assistant fiddle with the fuel door while you operate the cable latch or its push button release? Either way have an assistant help you get the door to open. I typically find that either the “spring” that pops the fuel door open is either bent incorrectly…or it is broken or just tired…you will have to check. I also lubricate the hinges for the door as well…using go ole motor oil…not WD40 or a similar thin, solvent…as they dont last long at all… Motor oil is what hinges like aside from grease.

All you can do is keep pushing on the fuel door until opens.

Then once it opens, figure why it’s sticking before you close it.


I had the same problem with the gas door on a 2011 Toyota Sienna. The service writer pushed on the door while I pulled the release.

I didn’t know how to open the fuel door on a rented Chevy Cruze (nice car, BTW. RIP.) and was getting ready to embarrass myself at a rural gas station. Visiting my elderly aunt, she said she thinks you just push on it and it opens. Voila!

I prefer one that opens with a lever or a pull - fewer fingerprints on the car.