Cherokee brake problem

I just had all 4 brakes on my 97 Grand Cherokee done last week,Pads and disks and emergency brake. By the time I got home the rear left wheel was smoking. Took it back; they check emerg and regular brake, no problem found. Went home , no problem. Next day after 20 mile trip left rear smoking again. Another 20 miles home, now LR is OK but left front is smoking. It seems as the car gets hot something is causing the brakes to rub.Sometimes it rubs, sometimes it doesn’t. Any suggestions.

Sounds like you need a new mechanic. One thing that can happen with this vehicle is that the slides the brake pads ride on get groves worn in them. This could cause the prake pad to get stuck intermittently. Or, you could have contamination in the brake fluid causing the calipers to stick. Get it looked at by somebldy who really knows Jeeps.