Checking oil level on 2005 Honda Accord

when is best time to check oil

OK, I am going to answer this just in case this is not a ’ you can’t be serious post’ . The best time is before you start the vehicle and most people pick one day a week to do that. I use Saturday myself. When on trips I check before leaving the hotel and every fill up just to make sure every thing is fine.

Read your owner manual.

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I check mine before starting the engine for the first time in the morning, perhaps two or three times a week. For an older car (like mine) that’s probably prudent. For a new car, once a week is plenty.

However, if you’ve just had an oil change it’s good to check it before driving off, and every morning for a few days until you’re sure there’s no unusual loss that would suggest a loose oil filter or drain plug. I change my own oil, and I STILL check it immediately after and daily for a few days after. I don’t even trust MYSELF!

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Best answer so far! In the past, overzealous service station attendants would check the oil immediately after a motorist stopped for gas . At that moment there was still a lot of oil draining down to the bottom of the engine and the oil level would indicate low.

I check my oil with the engine cold before starting it the first time on that day.

Yeah ditto. I just checked mine when I had the hood up for something else. You can do it after driving provided you give it a few minutes for the oil to drain back down to the pan. Hey, at least someone is concerned about checking the oil. That’s a good thing. In 46 years my wife has never once, never once, asked about checking the oil or asked me to check it. I’ll go tell her I just checked it.