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2006 Pontiac G6 - When to check oil

Does it matter whether the engine is a newer model or not does it stay the same that you’ve got to check the oil when it’s cold

Not sure where the confusion is. Checking the oil level before starting the vehicle always assures a correct reading no matter whether the engine is old enough vote or not. If checking when refilling the fuel tank the time it takes will give you a decent level if you check it after filling.

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Okay so basically what you’re saying that if the car is a 2006 it’s not going to matter if it’s an older or a new model you always got to check it whenever it is not running

Yes, and why would you want it running anyway. That is just going to slosh the oil around and possible injure you with all the turning parts and heat.
Did someone actually tell you that newer vehicles needed to be running to check oil. They may have checking the automatic transmission fluid confused. This info is in your manual anyway.

Anytime after engine has been turned off for 5 minutes or more, the oil can be checked.

Can I didn’t come with a manual used car

Person that told me the engine need to be running did not check the wrong thing check the oil right it’s just the fact that it wasn’t reading in the thought that with it not running it wasn’t going to give you anyting basically what the car off it wasn’t reading anyting so that just means we need oil in the car thanks for your help

Reading that run on post made my head hurt . Who ever this person you are referring to needs to be ignored . You can down load a manual for free from the web . It might be worth your time to to search the web for vehicle maintenance tips or at least find someone who can help you .

The transmission fluid needs to be checked when engine is running. I wonder if this is where the confusion is.

The oil level should be check when the engine is warm however if there is no oil showing on the dipstick, oil should be added before starting the engine.

This is from the owners manual;

In order to get an accurate reading, the oil
must be warm and the vehicle must be on level ground.

The engine oil dipstick handle is a yellow loop. See
Engine Compartment Overview on page 5-12 for
the location of the engine oil dipstick.

  1. Turn off the engine and give the oil several minutes
    to drain back into the oil pan. If you do not do this,
    the oil dipstick might not show the actual level.
  2. Pull out the dipstick and clean it with a paper towel
    or cloth, then push it back in all the way. Remove it
    again, keeping the tip down, and check the level.

I would actually suggest buying a used manual . . . there are tons of manuals for sale on ebay, for example

Then you put it in the glovebox for future reference