Check engine light

It began when the Rack broke and I took the car to PEP Boys to get fixed. Within days the check engine light came on. Went back to Pep Boys after getting an Evap reading. Fixed, or so I thought, but once again in two days the light came on. Again went back, smoked tested again after getting another Evap reading and two days later on goes the check engine light. During this time a clamp and a cracked small evap hose was replaced but the light still came on. So I took the advise of a tech and purchased a new gas cap. Now in frustration I am driving around with the light on and no idea how to get it off.

“I took the car to PEP Boys to get fixed”

There is your basic problem. Ask around among friends and associates. Find a local, owner-operated shop that you hear can be trusted.

If you want any specific feedback on your specific issue you’ll need to provide exactly what error codes are turning the engine light on. They look like: P1234 There are lots of them for the evap system so without a code there’s no way to start guessing.

Didn’t mention it before but because of the Pep Boys frustration I did see a private mechanic in between, paid him to track down the problem and, you guessed it, the light came on again. So it was back to Pep Boys with a new Evap reading in hand with the same results two days later. Do I need to go to the electrical tape cure?

No. You need a mechanic who can do a diagnosis. At the very least if you give details on the codes and various kinds of repairs that have been done people here can make suggestions about what needs to be checked out. The specific codes are what is needed.

Do I need to go to the electrical tape cure?

No, you need to get someone who knows what they are doing. A good starting point and my be save you a few $,?,?, is to get that error code cigroller wrote about.

The black tape means you will never know about that really important warning light until after the damage is done.