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Check Engine Light

My check engine light came on while I was driving home, yesterday. It was not blinking; it stayed on. When I called the service coordinator at the dealership, they said I should check my gas cap and then drive it for a day so that it could reset. Is it wise to drive a car, after the check engine light has come on? The car was fully serviced on November 9, 2009.

The car is a’98 Mercedes=Benz 230C, with 29,000 miles on it.

go by advance auto or auto zone will scan code for free.

If the light is not blinking, it should be safe to drive it. It may well be nothing more than a loose gas cap, but it could be many other things.

It appears the dealership is trying to save you some money.

You may be able to have the code read for free and one of your local auto part stores. If you have it read, be sure to get the actual codes (format = [P1234] Then come back here and post the results. Maybe we can give you some additional information.

Thanks. I will go to someone and have the code read and get back to you.