Check engine light

code is camshaft sensor/where is it located on 2006 Saturn ?

I don’t know. But I do know that sensors get replaced all the time when the sensor itself isn’t the problem. Those codes don’t tell you that parts are bad. They point to faults in a system.

It would be worth your while, if you’re going to deal with this yourself, to pick up a repair manual. This will tell you where the sensor is, provide diagnostic procedures you can use to actually pinpoint the problem, and give the steps to replace the sensor if necessary.

If you want some specific suggestions of what to check out then report the actual Pxxxx code.

I really don’t know where the sensor is located. There are several different engines for the ION and the location might be different on different engines. Autozone ( has online location guides for many vehicles. Not sure about Saturn.

You might want to invest in a Chilton or Hayes manual. It may (or may not) show you where the sensor is. It will probably tell you how to test it. The removal instructions may give you some information about location and how much stuff needs to be removed to get to the sensor. And, if all else fails, the wiring diagram will almost certainly give you the color codes for the wiring. You may be able to trace the wires to the sensor, and the color codes are a handy way to verify that you have found the correct sensor.

(If I had to guess, it will probably be on/in the head or valve cover near one end or the other of a/the camshaft).