Check engine light

Gotta 99 Olds Intrigue, after having some minor “stalls” or “misses” over the past few weeks when going up a slight incline the check engine light finally came on. Autozone found a code ‘missing on cylinder No. 2’ - probably because of sparks or wires or a vacuum leak etc. I added injector cleaner and some pure gas but after a couple of days the lght flashed and then came on again. The weird thing is that a few hours later it went off!. It still lights up briefly along with all the other warning lights when I start the car but it goes off just a little bit before all the rest of the warning lights. I’m happy the light doesn’t stay on but I’m wondering what the heck this might be telling me, if anything. Any ideas??

Also, has anyone tried subscribing to an on-line repair manual?


Is the car up to date with all of its maintenance? If not, trying to “cherry pick” one solution to a problem is probably going to be a crap-shoot.

Begin by checking for a disconnected vacuum hose, and then replacing anything that is due for replacement–plugs, plug wires, air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve–then drive the car for a couple of days, and have the codes read again.

Thanks for the tips, they were similar to the Autozone suggestions for the error codes, except for the PCV valve. I checked all the vacuum lines and replaced the spark plugs(which is a ridiculously difficult task with a side-ways mounted engine). The car is now running beautifully and no check engine light so far. Thanks for taking the time to reply.