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Another check engine light

I left a dome light on overnight in my 2001 Camry,and the next morning i had to jump start the car to get it going.

Starts and runs fine now, except check engine light is on

I mentioned this to a friend who said That

if i run the car for some length of time the light/code will clear.

Any comments?

What is/are the code(s)? Without this information nobody can help you.

Manu auto part stores will check for codes for you for free. Get those codes [format: P1234]

I tend to agree with your friend, the light may well go out after X number of cycles (cycle = start, drive to normal operating temperature and then stop.

I’ll have the codes checked tomorrow and get back to you all.

Check engine light is off. YAY!!! I need to get a state inspection tomorrow.
I’ll see if that did the trick