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Check engine light stays on -on 2001 Rav4 4 cylinder

I have a 2001 Rav4 whose check engine light is constantly on. I took it to Toyota dealer repair and they told me it has to do with the catalytic converter and would cost about $700. Recently I found on an engine repair encyclopedia website that the 2001 Rav4 has a software error that makes the computer report a problem with the catalytic converter even when there is not one. Should I have the engine light reset, insist that Toyota updates the software, or take it to a neighborhood mechanic? Does anyone else have this problem? (The car drives fine.) Thanks!

Exactly how many miles do you have on your Rav and when was it purchased new. You may still be under warranty for that converter or not.

First of all I would call a Toyota Dealer or two or three and confirm the software error. I’m not a car guy at all. But I would venture to say that it was eventually fixed. There might be some type of reference number on the computer or maybe the VIN of the vehicle itself that can be used for reference to determine if your particular vehicle has the software problem. I read rumors that Toyota has situations where they are doing fixes but don’t announce them as a recall.

If you are able to confirm that your vehicle does have a software glitch. Then you should probably get it into a shop for an update. Don’t have a clue as to who is going to be footing the bill on that. But wouldn’t be surprised it Toyota says it’s going to be you. But the software update may update other problems in the computer software as well.

I have no specific information about any software in any vehicle.

All of these things start with you (and us) having the DTC (trouble) Codes. Can you give those to us?

Thank you to those who responded… I greatly appreciate it.

Some additional facts:
-I bought the car new in Feb. 2001 and have had regular maintenance done.
-Current miles: 70935
-I had the car’s software reset in Feb. 2008 (by Toyota) and the engine light went off. At the time the mileage was at 56058. “SSC 6621J2 Reprogram ECM” was what was listed on my invoice.
-The check engine light returned about 6 months ago (at approx. mileage= 65000). My husband took it back to Toyota who stated there was “a problem with the catalytic converter” but gave him no DTC code -nor any paperwork. My husband was told “that it wasn’t a big problem and that he would be better off having a local mechanic fix it for cheaper.”
-July 2008, the car passed emissions test, but I now need to have it pass again and I have been told that it will not with the CEL on.
-A local mechanic told me to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes which will reset the computer, which we are going to try later today.
-My extended warranty expired in 4/2007.

Again, any suggestions… I tank you for in advance.

There are too many things that can make the check engine light to come on to assume that the reason it is coming on, now, is the same reason it came on before.
You can get auto parts stores to scan the trouble code, for free. Just ask. Then, bring the code here, for rumination.

Can someone tell me what a “smoke” test costs? If it is not really expensive, I am begining to think it might be the way to go sooner rather than later. I have a 2001 Toyota Avalon with 70288 miles and have had CEL problems pretty much all summer. After numerous fixes, Lo and Behold, there is a mouse hole in a “hose oil cooler”. Just looking at this hose, I brought it home with me, the hose looks as if it could have been leaking and causing problems for a while now. They say the problem is fixed. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…??

Maybe, lehrcom will return. Maybe, not. annechan,you need to start your own post, for a variety of reasons…like responses.

I agree with Kit, this needs a new thread.

In that thread perhaps you could list these “numerous fixes”.
And the stored fault codes.

And why you asked specifically about the cost of a smoke test? I can easily tell you what it is, but I’d rather provide relevance with the problem.