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Catalytic Converter

I’m driving a 2001 Toyota Camry and the “check engine” light came on, so I took it to the garage, and he told me I need a new Catalytic Converter - for a total of $1,400! YIKES! I live in PA and the inspection is due in June, 2009, and I know it won’t pass if I don’t get this fixed. I’m hoping I can drive it until then without doing any harm to the car. Is this going to cause any major problems?

If that’s an accurate diagnosis, the catalytic converter may still be covered by the 8 year/80,000 mile federal warranty. Does the car have less than 80K miles?

If changing the catalytic converter is all they propose to do, they are proposing to rip you off. Here is the price for a catalytic converter for a 4 cylinder engine:,16100071/shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm
If they are proposing to fix all the engine problems which may have caused the catalytic converter to fail, that may be another story.
At any rate, get another opinion, or two.

Dear 2001 Toyota driver. I recently had my dealership tell me that I needed a new CAT and that it would be over $1,000! yes YIKES! I recently paid $827 plus $110 to get my new CAT installed. The CHECK ENGINE light still came on again so I have to take it to the dealership again. I am working on an article to figure out how one, especially a young woman like myself can go about getting accurate diagnosis from mechanics. You hear one thing and then you’re told the complete opposite. So frustrating. Does your CHECK ENGINE light come on?