Haunted by volvo s40

i own 2001 volvo s40. it has had numerous issues and i almost hired a lawyer to explore how to declare it as a lemon. today, i couldn’t turn the key to start the car. it’s been cold (subzero windchill) last night. the car is parked with the wheel slightly turned, which is probably the result of the icy slippery surface of the driveway, as i usually park it with the wheels straight. i also had the hand break on as the driveway is not leveled. also, for the last few months, the fan of the climate control has been completely dead (no blowing) after a few weeks of full blasting (as soon as the key was turned), except one moment a few days ago where the fan started blasting again and then died again as soon as i turned the nob down. any idea what the devil is going on with this junk?