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Cheap small cars with push button start?

Hi, can anyone recommend smaller cars (Aygo, i10 size) with push button starts as my Mum finds them much easier as she has arthritis. We are looking at maybe cars up to 3/4 years old so any help would be appreciated!

This is a US-based forum, and many of the models sold in Europe–such as the Toyota Aygo–are not available here. Conversely, what we might recommend might–or might not–be available in Europe.

If I was looking for a small car, the Honda Fit would be at the top of my list, but that model may well have a different name in Europe. However, I have no idea whether the Honda Fit has push-button starting.

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I own a Mitsubishi Mirage for all the driving I do with work since it gets great mileage. Although mine is a standard key type start, they make these with push buttons. One of the guys on the forum delivers pizza with his so it is constantly started and stopped. He has had no issues with the system. My guess is that since there are fewer mechanical parts, this may be more reliable.

I would assume that this is the same on all small cheap cars and that it is an option on most these days.

A car with remote start might be an option worth considering. I would recommend a factory installed as we have seen problems with aftermarket remote starters.

We just had a rental Toyota iA (new name for Yaris I guess) with push start. My Hyundai Velsoter has it too.

I definitely suggest a factory remote start vs. aftermarket. I have seen some real messes but a lot of that might be the installation as well.

My best friend wanted a remote start system installed on his brand-new Rav-4, and although the dealership tried their best to push him toward an aftermarket system, I pressured him to go with the “factory” Toyota remote starter. Thank God that he took my advice, because he started having all manner of bizarre electrical problems right after taking the car home from the dealership.

I’ll give you the Readers Digest condensed version:
I drafted a Lemon Law demand letter after the dealership’s third failed repair attempt, and Toyota sent a Japanese engineer and the regional service manager to the dealership. After ~3 hours, they found that the installer had left the remote starter in “test mode”, and this was the source of the problem.

So… it is possible to have problems even with the “factory” unit if the installer is incompetent. And, of course, my friend would not have had any legal recourse under the Lemon Law if the dealership had installed an aftermarket system.

Because of my fears of problems resulting from ANY remote start system, I was of the opinion that
a “factory” unit installed in a brand-new car at the dealership would be covered by the Lemon Law, and I was correct.


You might look at the web sits for the auto manufacturers that sell in your market. They might mention push button start as a feature in their on line literature.

The Honda Jazz (Fit in the U.S.) is available with push button start, couldn’t say about the others.