**CHEAP** Digital Dash for a sbc car?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong area as I am new to this forum but I have a question, Does anybody know of any CHEAP and I mean cheap digital dashes or any alternative digital dashes that would work for a old school small block Chevy 358. I got one going into my 78’ Malibu classic 4 door project (358 sbc) but everything I see is like $300usd+ online and I ain’t got that to put into a budget-ish project car right now. If anybody knows lmk or if I am gonna have to spend that type of cash. Any vids on yt are for LS cars or ones with digital connections needed doing with Bluetooth and so on and I do not have that outlet in my car. Anything helps :smile:

I doubt that you will find a set of dash gages for your price. I have seen individual gages in the $200 to $300 range. Getting a speedometer, oil , temp etc display will run you some $$$

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What you want doesn’t exist… And I suspect that online $300 dash won’t do what you want, either. Use the factory dash, add some cheap gauges if you need to monitor things not on the dash already.


In the automotive world $300 is cheap, and looking for anything less than that is not going to be useful.

Without knowing how much and what kind of electronics you already have on the car and engine it’s impossible for us to know how to help you. If you are starting out with the stock original dash and engine wiring, what you are trying to do will cost several times $300.


I don’t think your expectations are realistic, $300 for a digital dash is dirt cheap. Just use the factory dash, and maybe throw in a row of used Sunpro aux gauges if you’re that tight on money.


ain’t that the truth