Chasis or suspension getring lose

i am having a problem with the suspension or the chassis of the car in the past months i noticed that the car doesnt sound tight when running on a bad road instead it sounds lose and gives a uncomfortable feeling i start noticing this like 8-10 months ago and is being increasing with the time because of that i changed the struts and shocks of the car and have it aligned and balanced the mechaninc say everything was ok with the car the car sound better at that time but not is having the same problem again any tips here i was thinking to replace the coils springs but i dont want to waste any more money and not fix the problem

You need to find a good frame and alignment shop. Let them find the problem(s).

Telling us what kind of car, mileage, etc. would us give you more specific advice.

Car is a Toyota Echo 2001 with 113K miles on it

Is it just noise or are there abnormal body motions? If it’s just noise, it could be something like a broken exhaust hanger allowing the exhaust system to hit the body or rear suspension.