Charge and Challenger discontinued

In my mind, some EVs already qualify as muscle cars. The Tesla S can do the 1/4 mile in the 12 second bracket and some of the upcoming cars will most likely do better than that (the Lucid has 3 versions of their first model, and the top version has 3 motors - 1 for the front wheels, 1 for each of the rear wheels with an advertised horsepower of 1,111 and a range of 471 miles). It’s very expensive ($169K) but I imagine the price will come down as it gets into the market.

Dodge may offer a version with the Twin Turbo I-6 that will be in Ram’s and Jeep’s instead of the V8,

Corporate Average Fuel Economy for the 2026 model year will be 49 mpg, manufactures need to sell several high mileage hybrids or EVs for each V-8 coupe or sedan to meet CAFE standards. There are a limited number of people shopping for a Prius type car, people have enjoyed the variety of vehicles sold in the States, but those choices are being reduced.

Plenty of competition in the compact car market and little profit. 2005 was the last year for the Neon, the Hyundai Excel was advertised for $9,995. There is a lot more profit in selling Challengers.

Gas price reminder in 2005/2006 regular went as high as $5.70/gallon in today’s dollars. Prices today <$3.40.

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A charger EV that use a turbov6/battery is a hybrid. It’s not a full on ev/Tesla clone.

The fake engine sound kills it for me