Alignment Question

2000 Maxima… I just replaced the struts, lower control arms, stabilizer bushings and links, and tie rods. I know it needs an alignment but I’m also in the process of replacing the rear struts. Can I do the alignment now or should I wait until the rear struts are in?

A 2 wheel alignment can be done but if it were me I’d just wait until the rears are done. Even on non-adjustable rear suspensions it’s possible to have differences due to the slight amount of movement in bolt holes and so on.
That can affect the tracking which means how straight is the rear in relation to the front and the rear tires following the ftonts.

There are other terms for that. Tracking just happens to be what I refer to it as.

I agree with @ok4450, wait until the rear is done. It is unlikely the alignment is very far off given all those parts bolt on one way only without slots for adjustment. Only the toe is adjustable with the tie rods. The rear is a beam axle with shocks, not struts. There is really no alignment for the rear as ok4450 says but a 4-corner alignment on a car this old is a good idea so you know the car hasn’t bent something.

If it does have a beam axle in the rear, then I’d recommend the alignment now. The lower control arms will throw the alignment off by quite a bit.

Waiting until the rear struts are replaced for the 4-wheel alignment implies that you should do it soon so that you don’t do damage to the tires.