Changing plugs in 01 avalon



I must be dumb. I can’t figure out how to get to the back set of plugs in my 01 avalon. This should have been very easy! Can anyone out there help me?


Very easy? No. You could use a short handled flex ratchet, perhaps a regular flex ratchet and small hands. Basically, you’ll have to remove as many obstructions as necessary to get to the plugs short of the intake plenum. On the passenger (right) side, disconnect and move aside (very way aside) the PCV hose and ground wires (attached to intake manifold). That helps get you access to one plug. On the left side you might have to remove the intake hose, accelerator cable and vacuum hoses to gain access to the other two plugs. If you have a strut tower crossmember, you should remove it. You will need a good assortment of 3/8" drive extensions because if too long you might not have enough clearance. I prefer to use locking extensions in this application because if you lose your spark plug socket down in one of the back three plug holes, good luck fishing it out. By the way did I mention a lot of this is by feel? You can’t see very well. Clearance is so tight I had trouble withdrawing the coil pack/plug boot because it would hit the underside of the plenum. Remove the wire connections to the coil pack before withdrawing it.

Use your judgment on what else to remove since I can’t recall everything. I’ve done this on one Camry and a Highlander with the same engine as yours. I don’t want to do another anytime soon.