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1999 Dodge Caravan Changing the Rear Plugs

I have a 1999 Dodge Caravan. I was replacing the plug wire and spark plugs. The front 3 went pretty easy. The back 3 look very difficult. Could anyone give me a tip on changing the back 3 plugs and wires?

get car up on ramps. your gonna hafta go underneath to get back 3 changed.the #1 plug (right side rear) you can remove the bracket from the alternator + get socket + extention down that way. done 2 v-6 dodge so far + they can be a pain in the ####

I did it just that way on my '95 - but didn’t need to remove the bracket ('99s are different so maybe it is required).

It is not pleasant, and it will give you a work out. Make sure the exhaust is cool. An assistant can be handy, esp for fishing the wires down from the coil pack.

Some people give in and just take it to a shop.

I don’t recall ever having the displeasure of replacing the plugs in a Caravan of that era. After considering the alternatives, you may decide it could be easier to remove the intake plenum to get to the back plugs. I would make this a last resort, though, and if you do it that way, be very careful not to drop anything into the lower intake. That could result in catastrophic damage to your engine, hence making that option your last resort.

This reminds me of my 1979 Monza Spyder with the 305 V8. The first time I went to change spark plugs I found out that I had to jack up each side and remove the front wheels. The motor mounts had to be disconnected and the engine jacked up one side at a time to change out the spark plugs. I sold the car a week later. Convenience is hardly ever engineered into any vehicle.