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Kia sedona minivan - changing plugs

trying to change plugs on a 2004. first three were easy how in the heck do you get the back three without taking off intake manifold?

Perhaps someone will come along who has done them on this van, and that is usually your best bet. Any of those FWD multi-bank engines are a real challenge in terms of the back plugs.

The last time I did a minivan it was a Caravan and I had to get the back ones by putting the van on ramps and going up from underneath and behind the engine. It was no picnic. My current van is a Silhouette (Venture/Montana) and you’re supposed to undo the front engine dogbone mounts and actually rock the whole engine forward. Sometimes you need a good, creative array of extensions & socket joints and some serious acrobatics while basically laying on top of the motor. I’ve seen notes on some vans about at least one rear plug being accessible through the wheel well if you remove the front wheel…

Some people do the front three and then throw their hands in the air & ask a shop to do the rest.