Changing Oil in '01 Odyssey

We recently bought an '01 Odyssey. I typically change my own oil, but the manual talks about special tools, plug washer, etc. Is this necessary or can I just change it like any other vehicle? And, what 5W20 oil and oil filter are best?

Don’t be intimidated by the manual, I’m sure it just makes it sound harder than it really is. Every oil pan plug has a washer on it, and it is recommended that you change the washer, thats it. I suggest you get under the vehicle and take a look, it can’t be any different than your previous vehicles.

What is the BEST oil and filter…that is a question that will get you endless answers. Just don’t buy the cheapest off brand you can find is all. Napa filters are WIX, which are good, and Napa oil is Valvoline, that is a generally winning combo.

Ah, you’ve blown a fresh wind of confidence through my sails. Now, where’s that jack? Thanks!

You mean the jack that comes with the car for putting on the donut? I would save that for emergencies and invest in a floor jack to use for changing the oil and whatever other DIYs you want to do. Oh, and make sure to use jack stands.

Forgive my naivete, but what does WIX mean?

when you go to the auto parts store to get the oil and filter, get a replacement oil plug gasket. they’re like .50 or so. worth it.

you realize that old used motor oil is a possible carcinogen? wear the blue plastic gloves to minimize oil on skin. drain the oil into a bucket, and try to not spill it. it’s recyclable.

the special tools are a wrench and drain pan!

i don’t know about your car, but some have a large torx plastic plug on the pan. that is NOT the oil drain plug. the plug is at the lowest point on the pan.

ramps or jack/stands are the way to go. more room underneath is the best.

FYI, FWIW, sears sells magnetic sockets which will ‘hold’ the drain plug inside the socket when you remove it. no more fishing in the drain bucket for the plug. really neat idea.

wix is a brand name, manufacturer

WIX is a filter brand. Fram filters are good for me.
I like the composite ramps (truck weight duty) to run my vehicle upon to change the oil, etc. They are light enough that even a therapist can handle them.

I recently inherited a 01 Odyssey. I change the oil myself. It is a little harder than on my Ranger, mostly because of space reasons, but not impossible. I don’t typically change the plug washer each time, but I take a good look at it to see if it is in good shape or not. About every other time I change it. I use whatever 5w20 that is on sale, many times it is the Wally-world synthetic, but I don’t shy away from dino oil either. Same thing with the filter.

Just a little heads up on this vehicle. if you have the automatic sliding rear door; they can be a little touchy sometimes and will not want to open or close. I had taken it back to the dealership the first couple of times; they ended up telling me that it is the sensors in the door. I clean the sensors on them every time I do the oil and I don’t have any problems now.

Okay, last question (for now). The manual suggests 7,500 mile interval. Really? Have I been duped into thinking it should be done every 3K, or even 5K?

The best oil change interval, thats another what is the meaning of life question lol…Don’t go 7500 miles and don’t change it before 3000. Whatever makes you feel the best is the right answer. I’d pick a number between 3-5k…

I change the oil in every vehicle in the family carpool at 5k. If you are driving mostly highway miles then the 7.5k should not be a problem.