Changing headlight bulbs should be simple...NOT!

A 2004 Ford explorer…left headlight bulb is out and I decided to replace both sides, but found it very difficult. Is there a simple way? For the left side, is it necessary to remove the battery…and for the right side, how?

Does the owner’s manual address this issue?

If it’s (the owner’s manual) like mine, it addresses it by saying to go to a dealer to have any of the bulbs changed. I had to get the factory service manual to get any details on how to change bulbs and such.

Why or way did we ever allow the feds to change the law and allow the styling departments design headlamps and eliminate the old sealed beam lamps.

See if there is a couple of long sliding clips and/or a bolt or two. The clips push back and slid up. It should be fairly simple.

My GMC has these big pins that are removed from the top. The entire headlight assembly almost falls out. If not for that, I could have worked for hours to get near the running lights that are under the headlight.

Why did I know you were going to post this reply! I’m glad those sealed beams lamps are gone, it takes me 30 seconds to change out both my bulbs now for 20 dollars, a replacement face to my headlamp is only 65 dollars from the dealer, but its never broken, and I can see the road great. Maybe its a design issue, his is a ford, mines a BMW, who do you think put more thought into it. My designers care about me.

I Carry Spare Headlight Bulbs And Can Change Them Without Tools!

It’s a design problem. I look for these things before I buy a car. I’m glad sealed beams are gone (Now, if they could just come up with headlight capsule plastic that doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket … ).

My Fieros have sealed beams. They’re OK, I guess.

Your Explorer has the sliding clips that release the lens to pull forward without changing the aim settings. Very hard to describe in print but they pull strait up and are long enough to contact two fasten points ( upper/lower ). One on each side of the lens, will only have a small lip to grab to pull up on ( you don’t remove them, just pull up a notch ) , and are not marked.
Open the hood, look around the top edge of the lens just to it’s back side and see what you can see.
…Update, it’s is in your owner’s manual page 42.

I don’t know - it is ridiculously easy to change the headlamps in my Ford. My old Camry was a pain, however…

I don’t think any manufacturer has a lock on this one…

I can see someone blushing from here.

My suggestion is to get a good worklight and good instructions.

My daughter’s Civic has a spring clip system and man, did I struggle with that cockamaimy setup! Even after setting the PS reservoire aside like the good book said!