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Changing a trailer jack

I have a fulton f2 1600 wheel jack that unfortunately had the wheel snapped off due to driving away before putting it in the up position. I want to order a new one online and try to replace it myself but don’t know if that is a logical task or if I should just pay the shop to do it.
Does anyone have experience with this?

Depending on how badly it got damaged, you can probably just swap wheels.

Start here:

htttp:// has trailer jacks too.

that’s Northern Tool

I’ve seen bolt-on jacks in the automotive department in Walmart near the other towing equipment.

It depends if the tongue jack is a bolt-on or a welded-on jack.

The last one I replaced was a welded-on tongue jack. And that required that the new jack be welded in because of the platting/reinforcemnt of the tongue construction wouldn’t allow a bolt on jack.

If it’s weld-on jack, best to leave it to those who can cut out the damaged jack, and weld in the new jack.