Changing 2003 Subaru Forester Air Filter



The fellow who changes my oil tolf me that changing the air filter was " a big deal" in my Forester. I’m a pretty decent mechanical lady, so am wondering if there’s something I should know about this filter, or can I change it myself?

I’m also a beginning banjo player which is even more of a big Deal!

Thanks for any help with the air filter, and please keep yopur banjo comments to a minimum!



First thing I’d do is look at the owner’s manual. It amazes me how detailed some owners manual and how vague others are. Maybe yours has a nice detailed maintenance section.


Like mr josh sez, take a look in your owners manual.

I’m very impressed with the “do it yourself maintenance” section of my wifes 02 Hyundai Sonata owners manual.

Want to know how to change the air filter or spark plugs or engine oil or replace a headlight bulb etc etc.

It’s all in the DIY section of the Sonatas owners manual.

Another thing that really impresses me about the Sonata is that for it’s 1st 99,000 miles routine maintenance is all that it has needed.


Most air filters are not very difficult to change. If you Forester has a turbo-charged engine, however, things might be pretty crowded under the hood.


YEp, you were right. The instructions were in the owner’s manual, and it took all of 5 minutes to change the thing.