Tansmission oil filter change

2006 Subaru Forester…Haynes manual only calls for a drain and a refill (every 30,000 mi). Doesn’t this car’s transmission have a filter that should be changed every time as well? My Nissan Pathfinder does…sure it takes longer, and it can get REALLY messy in an instant if my fingers aren’t delicate and precise when I remove the filter, but it’s still an easy job to do. When should I change the Forester’s filter? It has one, right?

what does your Subaru maintenance schedule advise you to do?

It has one. Transmission fluid and filters should be changed every 25-30k. Drop the pan and clean it out real good. The filter for this transmission runs about $15-$20 and looks like this.


Transman is the man.

I think when the generic manuals like Haynes are talking about a drain and refill, they mean changing the fluid and the filter.