Changed alternator and radio stop working

hello all

my 2008 v8 ranger rover sport shut down mid of driving, AA gave me report to change alternator and i did it on halfords, thing is radio not turning on, dashboard looks bit weird as well, i told halfords, they said try to drive on the car a bit as battery was disconnected few days. i drove on the car 2 weeks, no change.
i back today to halfords they saying, need to book you in we have no idea.

any thoughts ?

thanks ahead

The radio may require a security code due to the battery being disconnected. A Landrover dealer or forum would have information regarding this.

I’m guessing radio security code too. The car manufacturers are trying to discourage radio theft, so they install a type of radio that if the power ever becomes disconnected — like a thief swipes it from the car – it will no longer work unless a security code specific to that radio is entered. This may or may not explain the other differences you’ve observed on the dashboard. Suggest to get the radio working again, then if the dashboard problem remain, post back. Given the Halfords reference, I presume you are posting from the UK, right?

That was my first thought as well.