Central Locking, Audi A6



I have just replaced my Central Locking Control Unit on my 1996 Audi A6 part #4A0 862 257 J and it doesn’t lock/unlock the doors.

A month ago the central locking system stopped working and the alarm would activate intermittantly unless I locked all the doors in sequence. Over the past few weeks the alarm has stopped coming on altogether. After I have reinstalled the control unit, is there a reset that I need to do or is the new control unit faulty? I have power on the central locking unit contact plug and all my fuses are intact.

Any help appreciated.


If it’s like a VW, and it probably is, it may need to be reset to your fob at the dealership. They have a “lock” on this service as they’ve made the technology (spelled computer) unavailable to the masses. Call the dealer to check it out.

PS Don’t disconnect the battery for any length of time. The computer will completely lose its mind, which also requires a trip to the dealer, by tow truck.