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CEL comes on and off while driving

I drive a 1987 MR2 and as of late the CEL has been going on and then off.
The only times I’ve noticed it come on is early in the morning when driving to work (430am) and usually its a somewhat rushed start (get in the car, start her up and go… no time to warm up).
I checked for codes and it just flashes once then resets.
The CEL comes on when the RPM’s get to/go over 3K-3.5K and then it goes off once I let off and the RPM’s drop below said RPM’s…
The car idles a little rough and I’ve noticed a slight smell of gas in the cabin when I start the car… don’t know what is causing it but I just roll down the window and carry on…
Any help/input would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you’re pulling the codes correctly from your OBDI Toyota?