CEL and Right Blinker dont work at all on 02 Honda Civic

02 Civic Lx My CEL and right blinker light dont illuminate at all. Not with half turn ignition or when driving starting, nothin. I replaced the bulbs in the cluster and still nothin. I also found a guy with same make an model that had the same problem to a T, that made me think that it would be something with a fuse or relay… Any advice would be awesome. Also the guy had his ECM replaced and dumped money into teying to locate the problem and hopefully just had idiots working on it because as far as his posts went didnt find a the problem… Single father of 2 on a tight budget looking for advice and appreciate any… Thank you anyone for taking the time to try and help me out

The instrument cluster may be bad.

I’ve replaced many Honda instrument clusters over the years for all kinds of malfunctions.



Check owner’s manual for which fuse controls instrument panel light bulbs, replace if test shows it is faulty. I expect however that problem isn’t fuse and this problem will require shop tech probing the circuity. If you want to attempt a diy’er repair, beyond the fuse, you’ll need the car’s electrical wiring diagram for that circuit. Might be available in your car’s Haynes or Chilton repair manual. A dealership would have it too.

Yeah everything ive found about it says nothing about a fuse even being able to control the CEL and that it is controlled by the ECM but i have no codes poppin up the car runs great but not having that as at least an indicator to lemme know when somethin does happen i dont like ya know… hmm