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Help figure out whats wrong with my car

I have a 2002 Honda Civic LX, 23,000 miles and I’ve been having an issue when I start my car and it’s ideling it seems like its gonna stall, but then it seems the gas kicks in then it revs up and when I step on the gas I hardly move until it seems the fuel kicks in…once the car has been running for a bit there is no problem. I put fuel injection cleaner in the tank thinking this was the problem, but its not. Also, can anyone recommend a garage that specializes in Hondas in Center City, Philadelphia or close by to Center City.


Sounds like it could be an issue with that thingy that accelerates the engine when the AC is on. First question I like to ask is; air/fuel/fire. Easiest to check is fire. So if you have a timing light, check that each plug is firing consistently.

I have no lights lit up, the ac isn’t turned on. Where would the timing light be?

The timing light is a tool that one must purchase. If you do not know anything about mechanics, I strongly suggest you take you car to a trusted mechanic. I do not mean the Honda dealer they are a lot more expensive.

Ok…yeah I’ve asked around for recommendations on a garage that specializes in hondas in Center City, Philadelphia, but nobody responded and I’ve posted stuff on the honda forum also. Thanks for giving me your two sense on things.

Even if there is no CEL on, you should have the codes read. Often there will be a stored code, but no light. Some autoparts stores will do it for free. Come back with the actural codes if you find some.

have you checked on the dash for the “check engine light” or “CEL” this is usually a red round indicator light. look in your owners manual to see which it is. when you turn on the key a bunch of lights normally come on on the dash. one of these is the CEL. if that is on, or even blinking there is an error code on the computer.

Your a/c will cycle when using defrost, you don’t select it. a/c Maybe ?

check mechanics files on cartalk home page, with your zip code or a nearby Philly zip code. You should get some recommendations from folks who used a mechanic and was happy with the service/expertise provided for that area.

You’re going to have to take your chances and maybe go to a place that has Honda written on the building. At least they will have some manuals and computers with related information. The coffee and donuts might be free and the rest room gets cleaned a lot more.

I haven’t needed to use my defrost.

Ok…thank you

Nope…no red or blinking lights

Well I finally got my car fixed. So if anyone is reading this and this has happened to your car take it to a garage to see if your battery voltage is low, if so then jus replace your battery. That is what fixed my car.

thanks for everyone’s reply :slight_smile: