Cavalier stalling

Our daughter has a 1996 Cavalier 2.2 liter that stalls but restarts fine. It doesn’t register any fault codes in the computer. The throttle body was cleaned and it has new plugs, wires and fuel filter. Can you tell me what might be causing this problem.

There are too many suspects in the line up. More information would lessen the number of suspects. Does it STALL during cruise, slowing, accelerating, or while stopped? Are there any changes in any of the dash gauges right before it stalls? Does the check engine light flash at any time? Is there a check engine light on? To save cash, you need to get the repair manual and check the ignition control module, the oil pressure (using an independent gauge) at idle and at higher rpms. The fuel pump switch/oil pressure sender switch can cut power to the fuel pump and the fuel injectors, if the oil pressure falls too low, especially at idle (where the oil pressure is, normally, at its lowest). The fuel pressure relay powers, both, the fuel pump and the fuel injectors. Our “witness” can’t identify which suspect is the offender, without further information. For your enlightenment, here is the wiring diagram of the engine management system (the ‘computer control’). Click on this web link, and, then, click on Fig. 5, or Fig.6

These had a recall for moisture entering the PCM enclosure. Your dealer can tell you if this was done on your car. Info is from