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2000 chevy cavalier stalls

my wife’s chevy cavalier has been stalling recently. it usually happens while shifting between 1st and 2nd gear ( it has a manual transmission ). after having the car for two years she had the fuel pump replaced because of similar behavior, however it was mostly taking place on the highway at this time. we’ve looked at several possibilities from the fuel pump, to a faulty ignition switch, tic solenoid to a little hose between the inlet manifold! we would hate to replace a bunch of unnecessary parts and pay for unneeded labor…can anyone help???

You said you checked the fuel pump?

A faulty ignition switch to vacuum hoses.

When the engine died, did you (her) check to see if the injectors were in fact getting fuel?

A way to check this is the next time it dies, spray a little starting fluid in the air intake. Crank it over and if it fires up then dies, the problem is a faulty fuel supply.

Try this Before a tow truck is called.

he car will start after stalling given a few cranks, would injectors still be a possibility? a tow truck has not YET been needed…

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